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Today, with very high energy costs, efficient use of resources is very important for business. WHR - Systems installed by Sintek Group generate energy from industrial exhaust gases. WHR stands for - "Waste Heat Recovery" and it is a technology for the production of electric energy from waste heat energy in industries with high thermal processes, such as the cement industry, metallurgical and glass industries. The most important feature of WHR systems is that the generated energy is economical and environmentally friendly. With rising energy prices and demand for energy efficiency, the use of WHR systems in industry is growing day by day. The list of the main equipment in WHR systems is - boiler, turbine, generator, filtration system, cooling tower and chemical treatment system.

High Technology

The boilers used in these systems are of high technology and special design. They could be of single stage, double stage or flasher types. WHR systems are generally designed for using conventional steam technology for high temperature waste gases. Organic Rankine conversion technologies can also be used for low temperature waste gases. In conventional steam systems, the energy of high temperature waste gas is also used in the boiler for steam production.

Electric Power Generation

Produced steam is sent to the turbine to generate electrical energy with the generator. The water at the exit of the turbine is cooled and sent to the chemical treatment unit for reuse.

Common Use

WHR systems are widely used in the cement industry. The temperature of the gases emitted at the outlet of the cooling system in cement plants is 250-300°C. The temperature of the gases leaving the preheater is higher and varies between 280-350°C. These gases which are released directly into the atmosphere, can be generated into electricity. Depending on the technology and raw materials used, electricity from 3.0 to 6.0 MW can be obtained from the clinker production line with an average capacity of 3200 tons/day.

WHR - Benefits and Objectives of Waste Heat Recovery Systems

Energy Saving and Environment

Carrying out projects based on energy saving and environmental protection

Service Policies

Responding to Government Policy in saving energy and protecting the environment

High Income

Providing profitable business for our solution partners