Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy adopted by Sintek Group, which demonstrates its service quality with modern machinery and equipment in a competitive production environment, is shaped on the basis of respect for people and the environment.

Sintek sets out with the motto; “PROTECT YOUR HEALTH, PROTECT YOUR JOB!” and provides the safety of its employees with an encompassing point of view by accepting occupational safety as the first priority.

Health and Safety

Setting out with the motto of Sintek, “PROTECT YOUR HEALTH, PROTECT YOUR JOB!”, our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and to offer them a safe working environment

Expert Staff

Our OHS Engineers receive the most advanced training programs in accordance with changing technology and legal regulations and remain always up-to-date.

Building Awareness for Occupational Health and Safety

We provide training for each employee individually before and on site phase of work. Sintek stands out with its sensitivity in site control and safety issues.

The OHS Management System

We are COMMITTED to ensuring the continuity of our ongoing OHS Management System as our occupational health and safety policy!