Our Services

We produce scientific and technical solutions for various projects. All work performed must be of high quality, scientific and result-oriented. We add value to all projects in which we participate, based on our vast experience. Starting with basic planning, we organize all stages of a project, including research, design, tender, equipment supply, supervision, quality control, and commissioning.

Design Works

Our support begins in the stage of defining the concept of the project and we gradually provide the following services to our clients: Determination of functional needs, optimization of technological processes, ensuring the efficient use of resources, scientific research - if necessary, risk analysis, preliminary and detailed design, feasibility study, environmental protection work, analysis of project costs, preparation of tender documents and contract management.

Installation and Commissioning

We provide full support to our employers in the correct implementation of projects and effective commissioning. We use "planning," "monitoring,"  "evaluation" and "control" tools precisely in all our project management activities, and we also manage time, cost and quality.

Operation and Maintenance

We provide our customers with professional support to improve productivity and increase their administrative and technical capabilities.

Effective Management Consulting

For our customers, we are developing unique strategies that will increase the effectiveness of their capabilities and level of productivity. With our team of experts, we provide a wide range of services in the field of increasing and improving productivity and organizing the operational integration of facilities.

In this context, our task is to support our customers;

  • Increase their competitiveness,
  • Improve their organizational schemes,
  • Improve management and decision making processes,
  • Reduce their costs,
  • Increase their turnover,
  • Develop methods of strategic management,
  • Increase financial resources,
  • Keep up to date with all the developments in their sector,
  • Develop realistic feasibility studies for projects,
  • Increase work efficiency,
  • Reduce taxes,
  • Improve information systems,
  • Prepare for international competition,
  • Provide improved customer portfolios.