SINTEK supports high Knowledge in its projects and installitions


SINTEK has long-year experience in its projects and installitions


SINTEK high level and strong Infrastructure in its projects


SINTEK has right priorities in in its projects and installitions


SINTEK supports you while and after its projects and installitions


SINTEK supports high technology in its projects and installitions

About Sintek

The company's founders who had senior management positions in cement facilities and in major investment projects established Sintek in 2005.

Our company has proven itself about engineering and consulting services and project development issues, facilities that were commissioned and had turnkey installations abroad and in domestic in sectors that have an important place in concrete in our developing country with its knowledge, experience and qualified staff and had an enviable reputation and reliability in the sector. Our company has been constantly doing researches and serious studies in machinery and equipment supply, renewal and process development issues and maintaining contacts with the major machinery and equipment firms abroad. It is also representative of partially in Turkey. In addition, it manufactures certain key equipment within its mechanical manufacturing factory.

As a basis, our company has an understanding that have commitments according to the work of the technical and showing the utmost attention to quality and completion of the work on time and also has a principle about team work and reliability.