“Inavitas User Days” was organized on 22 – 23 October 2015 by in conjuction with T4E and Endoks.

Inavitas met with users in Ankara!

“Inavitas User Days” was organized with more than 75 subscriber in WYNDHAM HOTEL, Ankara. “Inavitas User Days” was honored by Turkish Electricity Transmission Company, more than 16 electric distribution companies and many private utilities. Inavitas features and new version was presented in the first day of Two-Day Activity and on the second day a panel was composed of two sessions was occurred.

After discussing “Parameters of Power Quality in the Electricity Distribution Systems”, the first part of panel subject and “Monitoring Solar Power Plants” second part of panel, activity has ended.

About Inavitas

Thanks to Inavitas, new product family for “decision makers” at all levels, now it is possible to monitor, analysis and make right decisions on-time for investment, operation and maintenance purposes from generation up to single end-customer.

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